Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Headband arrival in North Carolina

Hello fellow Sistas!  I hope this post finds you all well and happy.  Joe, Andrew and I are doing well here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  The drive down was actually coldish, but that was definitely a short spell and now we are enjoying the A/C.  Joe is enjoying his internship and we are all getting settled in. 

Now for the headband update:

I first wore the headband on Sunday during Joe’s birthday dinner celebration.  We had cake and ice cream, and I’m sure the headband karma rubbed off to fulfill all his birthday wishes!

The next day I wore the headband to do some shopping to find Andrew and I swimsuits.  Postpartum swimsuit shopping-definitely a time to call upon the ‘power’ of the headband!  We survived, and hopefully we will be able to get through the humidity and heat a little easier now. 
After shopping we headed to Whole Foods to find little Andrew some pear juice.  I was sporting the headband and the checkout lady said, "I really like your headband.  Did you make it?"  I told her my friend had made it.  She stated that she thought it was so cute and really cool.  Sweet!  Our headband has a fan club!  

Hope you are all either settling in or enjoying MN.  Sending you love and best wishes from NC.  Have a great time wherever you are, and hope the headband finds you soon :)

Love you all,


P.S.  Robyn wasn't arriving to NC until mid June and currently is leaving to go on vacation with her family in D.C., so she would have missed my mailing of the headband.  So, I will mail it to Stephanie and then Stephanie will need to mail it to Robyn back here in NC.  Than Robyn can mail it to Rachael.  I hope that works- thanks everyone!


  1. Yay fan club! and Happy belated birthday Joe! I am glad you are doing well and hope you survive the humidity. :)

  2. nice update! Good to hear from you sista!

  3. You make that headband look good - I LOVE that haircut! :)

  4. you look great! happy belated to joe!