Monday, June 24, 2013

O-O its magic, you knooooooow!

When reading the title you MUST sing it! I hope my sistas are all enjoying their summer! I know I am :). But I can't wait to see you all again.

The magic of the headband began to work even before it reached my head. Until about a week ago, we hadn't been getting our mail from Minneapolis, or the stuff that was being sent directly to our Cali address. I was afraid that the headband wasn't going to make it to me because I called in to the post office to fix the issue after the headband had been sent and should have already arrived. A little mailing issue was no match for the headband, however, because it found me, and the two of us have had a grand time together.

This weekend, with the headband gracing my head, Pedro and I got to spend our second weekend alone since arriving to California. All the other weekends we have been with the other UofM Sutter Residents exploring Yosemite National Park, and Monterey. We made the most of our alone time by having a day long date.

We went to Manteca and Stockton to watch World War Z, visit the Pro Bass Shop (like Cabellas), eat at Johnny Carino's, and go mini golfing. What was so special about this day of dating is that it was a great way to remember our time together since we met. In Pocatello, there is a mini golf course just down the road from where we grew up. When we were dating and engaged, we went mini golfing quite a bit. The lady that owned the course loved us and would always let us play several games for the price of one. One of my favorite pictures of us from when we were dating was taken while mini golfing.

When we were dating
I didn't think to get Pedro in the picture for this, but he probably would have said no anyway.
The other blast from the past was going to our favorite Italian restaurant Johnny Carino's. This place is sooooo good. We love the bread and oil they serve, and their tiramisu is divine. We had Johnny Carino's cater our luncheon on our wedding day. It was fun to reminisce about that beautiful day and to eat some delicious food.

Pedro and I love a good movie, and even more, we love Zombies, so watching World War Z was very fun for us. The Bass Pro Shop was huge! This place has a freaking huge fish tank, a waterfall, a ton of stuffed animals, an archery and gun range, shooting arcade games, an old fashion candy making shop, a full size tree, and tons of clothes, guns, camping gear, bows, knives, shoes, grills, and so much more! It was really fun to walk through and see all of the animal displays.

This picture is not the greatest, sorry!
It was a very fun day. Most of all I enjoyed spending time with Pedro. It was nice to go on a date. We really need to do that more often. The magic of the headband taught me many lessons this weekend about focusing on your spouse and giving them your full attention. With today's technology it is all too easy to sit next to each other, but play on your phone or computer and not really pay attention to the person next to you. This weekend showed me that I have not been paying enough attention to Pedro and that life is so much better when we are spending time together, totally devoting our full attention to one another. I have really felt the love of the headband this weekend and I hope you all can feel the love that it holds. Thanks for being such wonderful friends and examples to me. I love you girls!

{I will give the headband to Adri this week when she comes to hang out with me. Then she can send it back to Robin.}


  1. Love your post!! What a good reminder. Ew! So happy you are enjoying your summer! Xoxo

  2. what a fun date! and too true about technology. I'm learning that too. cute pics.

  3. hahahah I was so confused about Brittany writing something so nice and then saying "ew" haha. I seriously re-read it about 4 times before I remembered what it meant.

    That being said, it looks like you had a lot of fun. I'm glad you guys got to spend so much time together, especially since you have to spend a lot of the summer as a lonely hermit. ( a good way...)

    Can't wait to see what kind of magic the headband brings me! (I accidentally just spelled magic with a "j". Makes it sound like a mix between magic and majestic. So I propose that from here on out, we call it the "majic" of the headband).

  4. the headband worked like magic for you two this weekend. great couple and photos!

  5. So glad you guys went out on a day date! Love and miss those! Super cute pictures- glad you had fun.