Monday, May 27, 2013

The Headband's Debut

I decided to fly the headband out with me to Virginia for the weekend.  I took a picture of me wearing it on the plane but Steve said that was lame.  So, I decided to take a picture wearing it with this handsome fellow.

Steve and I flew to Virginia for my little brother's mission farewell.  He will be going to LA Spanish speaking and will report to the MTC this Wednesday.  I definitely felt the magic of the headband as I wore it and think I passed off some of it to him.

Steve has been busy with his internship working very long hours, and I have just been doing my everyday things with Carson.  We will go on a short trip to Utah to see Steve's parents off on their mission to Boise in a few weeks, and then in July, we'll head to Orlando for a week.

I am missing all of you a ton and can't wait to hear what you are up to!
xoxo, Brittany