Friday, August 16, 2013

Last but not Least

Hey Ladies!  I hope that everyone's summer went well!  We were pretty busy this summer.  It was nice to stay in MN and see what it has to offer.  We went golfing, saw the fireworks display in Stillwater on the fourth, had family come into town for a week or so, went golfing, got addicted to a new TV show called "Doctor Who" (....well its not a new show, but its new to us) and just enjoyed some of the sights in the cities.  We also found out that Andrew's parents are going on a mission to Samoa!!  Crazy right?  Needless to say we have been learning some Samoan via our weekly chats with them.  

The head band came to me just a week after I went to girls camp. Our house was a mess of camping gear that needed unpacking.  I have decided to get back into my routine of running every day.  Don't worry though, it did not come with me on the run.  I figured you girls wouldn't appreciate it being used as a sweat band :)

My shop had five weddings to do this last weekend, so that was the day that the head band came with me to work!  

Andrew also finished his internship this week.  I got to visit the hospital and meet all of the people he worked with.  Then they told us about this cute doughnut shop that sold maple long johns with bacon on them.  Needless to say Andrew almost insisted on going after hearing that.  Of and every shop in Buffalo MN ha a painted buffalo outside of it....go figure. 

I also had the chance to take a rain garden class on the edge of this gorgeous lake!  I learned so bad I don't have a yard yet.  

Anywho, I hope this finds you all well.  Travel home safe please! See you soon.