Wednesday, July 31, 2013

magic in sioux falls

birthday flowers
hey sistas, go sistas, soul sistas, flow sistas! first off, i love all your posts and photos. i'm so excited to hang out with you guys again and to hear about all these adventures in person!

second off, we are having a good time in sioux falls. it is a nice town with a pleasant, family-friendly culture. we spend a lot of time at the gym. but it's south dakota.. there is just not that much stuff to do here.

the headband was a big hit in sioux falls. however, the magic started off slow. this past weekend was a little rough. but of course, the headband never faileth! i wore it yesterday for my birthday, and it did not disappoint.

my landlord's mom, a bohemian herb enthusiast/bachelorette fanatic, invited me over to watch the bachelorette and eat lunch. what a good start to my birthday! also. she is my only friend. anyway, i really enjoyed my time with her. she is an inspirational woman-- i am so glad to have befriended her this summer.

part of the sculpture walk 
enchiladas in an alley. ps--i had to take off the headband after 30 minutes. it hurt my head! but i'll just blame it on my big head. 
when zach got home from work, he gave me some of my favorite things. we went to downtown sioux falls and ate enchiladas in a charming spot. after, we walked the sculpture walk downtown and got a heath avalanche shake at B&G milkyway. that shake was so good, i about died. we watched a movie in the theater afterwards. to top off our night, we watched some bachelorette (it was shot in antigua, where we had our honeymoon! so i had to show zach.) and ate chocolate in bed, which i now regret.

overall, it was an especially special birthday! sorry to get mushy on you, but zach made this day really really good and  i appreciated all the little things he did. maybe it was our positive energy, or the headband's sweet magic, that we had a very happy day yesterday. 


  1. Ahh you are so cute! I am glad you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. So happy you had a fun birthday! I love that you had Zach watch bachelorette with you! When my birthday fell on a Monday a few years ago, I made Steve watch it with me:) haha

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful lady! Glad you had a terrific day!