Thursday, July 25, 2013

Greetings from Seattle

The headband had a wonderful stay in Seattle. And rather than bring it along to one of the day trips we take on the weekend (or because I always forgot it) I decided to experience our typical day in Seattle. So this is what James and I do four days of the week.

Our tiny view of the Space Needle from the run, before the clouds burned off
Our day begins with a little run around Greenlake. For fear of damaging the headband, it did not come on this part of the day. For fear of scaring you with a photo of my staggering behind a stroller it is not pictured either.

After James morning nap, we normally walk over to a nearby wading pool and have a quick picnic lunch or snacks. Our little man loves scooting around in the water, splashing, and playing with his water toys.

James swimming in his baby speedo

Picnic lunch
This particular day with the magical headband Jamie was following the ICU staff around a night shift so he came home early from his regular day shift and we had a family outing to the local zoo. We love it when Dad can come with us on outings--coincidence? or magic of the headband? You decide.

Then we cool off from a hot day in the sun by taking a quick dip in the lake while James is napping.

Even though it was the normal activities that we do, somehow everything seemed a little better with the headband. Thanks magic headband.


  1. Yay! You guys are so cute! James is getting so big. Crazy that he is almost a year old! Can't wait to see you guys again.

  2. "Thanks magic headband" made me smile

  3. james! he looks adorable in the water. love seattle and your adventures.

  4. So adorable! Love James in the "baby speedo" and water. Too cute!