Monday, July 8, 2013

Headband's Trip to San Francisco

Rachel gave me the headband right before my parents came into town, and I sent it to Robin (glad it made it to her) right before traveling for a week, so I haven't been on the computer much.

I decided to take the headband to tour San Francisco, hoping the magic this headband possesses would protect us from both traffic and the annual gay pride parade. Let's just say that if I wasn't a headband believer before, I am now. We had a great trip (and only saw two guys in butt-less leather stripper attire). We played tourist and walked around Fisherman's Warf, saw Alcatraz, and drove on some really crazy hills to see the spot in the first picture - which was a beautiful view of San Francisco and some very, very pretty old houses.

No idea why I look like such a goober in both of these pictures, but here are the headband shots:

Here's a non-goober, but also non-headband picture from my family reunion this past weekend.
We really like it here in Pleasanton. Living in this hotel is nice and basically just feels like we're living in an apartment...with daily maid service.  Sophia and I keep busy and have a good routine. It's kind of lonely - especially compared to Como, but I'm glad to have Rachel nearby. The weather here is perfect, so Sophs and I go for walks and to the park almost every day. We also go shopping, run errands, hang out with the friendly people in our ward, and visit Rachel once a week (always a highlight). Russ has every other Friday off, so we fill our weekends with seeing the sights and doing fun stuff. It's a great summer.

I do miss hanging out with all of you. We'll have to have lots of girls nights when we are all together again. Speaking of which, when is everyone coming back?

In conclusion, I have been watching Bachlorette. Drew is so attractive. I told Russ I wanted a 24 hour pass to go to Arizona, find Drew, and then come back to our family. Russ said I could, but when he told me what I would have to trade in return, I decided I'd just stare at Drew for 2 hours every Monday night. (I wouldn't have really done it anyway... In case anyone had doubts.)


  1. yes! bachelor updates! i like drew but he's a little feminine, am i right? sf looks great--wish we could visit!

  2. I love SF! I'm glad you are having a good time! Lance and I leave North Carolina on August 17th so we will get back to Minneapolis on the 18th or 19th. I didn't have the headband to protect me from a gay parade in Georgetown. We spent an hour trying to get around it to get to our hotel, OH BROTHER!

  3. Love San Fran! I'm glad you didn't see too much nakedness :)

  4. Super cute and fun update! We leave NC on August 17th as well, but we might take a little bit longer getting back to MN. We will probably pull in around the 20th.

  5. You're right Jaewon---he is fem!! Also I'll be here all summer in minneapolis awaiting your arrival:)